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Refrigerator Hanging Storage Bag

Refrigerator Hanging Storage Bag

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Organize the contents of your fridge with the help of this refrigerator hanging storage bag!

This double pocket bag allows you to store foods and other items inside your fridge while keeping them neat and tidy. It effectively increases your refrigerator storage capacity without occupying too much space! Designed with a hollow mesh to prevent any small stuff from falling through the bag. It also offers proper ventilation which is good for fresh foods and other products. Suitable for onions, garlic, calamansi, tomatoes, seasonings, sauce packets, powdered drinks, chocolate bars, cosmetics and so on!   
The storage bag features a powerful hook that hangs stably to your refrigerator side door containers. Preventing the contents inside the bag from falling every time you open or close the fridge. Moreover, it does not cause any obstruction so you can freely place or take food inside without the need to move the bag!      

Keep your fridge clean and tidy using this refrigerator hanging storage bag!


  • Versatile Refrigerator Bag
    A double pocket hanging bag that effectively stores and organizes items inside your refrigerator. Allowing you to maximize the storage capacity without occupying too much space. Perfect especially for small foods and items that can easily fall off inside the refrigerator or are hard to find. Suitable for vegetables, fruits, seasoning bags, sauce packets, face masks, powdered drinks, snacks and more possibilities!
  • Easy Installation
    The storage bag has 2 powerful hook designs that can be easily hung or taken off anytime from your refrigerator. It clasp stably, preventing the contents inside the bag from falling even after constant opening and closing. What’s more? It doesn’t cause any obstruction! Allowing you to effortlessly remove or place foods anywhere inside your refrigerator without shifting or shoving the bag.
  • Breathable Mesh Design
    It features a fine hollow mesh design which prevents small objects from falling through the storage bag. The refrigerator mesh bag also offers a good ventilation that is ideal for fresh foods such as vegetables and fruits. It doesn’t produce any foul smell and it can be cleaned easily using water or by gently wiping with a damp cloth.
  • Wide Application
    This storage bag can also be hung in other places including kitchens, rooms, bathrooms, offices and such. A practical hanging bag to keep your space clean and well-organized.   
  • Premium Material
    Made of high-quality reusable PP material that is breathable and safe for contact with foods or drinks. Designed with 2 large capacity storage that is extremely durable. Perfect for everyday wear and tear! 


  • Size: 22cm x 13cm
  • Color: White, Blue


  • 1Pc x Refrigerator Hanging Storage Bag
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