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Portable Door Safety Latch Lock

Portable Door Safety Latch Lock

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Improve your immediate safety and add peace of mind when you stay in a room!

The Portable Door Safety Latch Lock adds extra security to your room and prevents unauthorized entry, especially when living alone, traveling and staying in hotels, Airbnb, VRBO, or any other short term rental. It's small but will hold your door shut firmly. Keep those pesky intruders away with this superior pocket lock kit. Add an extra lock to provide an additional layer of security and peace of mind. 

Portable door locks are essential upgrades for your security at home while traveling, or anywhere you feel the need for additional personal security. Great for the traveler, renter, or homeowner, who wants to guard against unwanted entry. These secondary security door locks are perfect as they protect and don’t damage the door or the door frame.

Pocket Lock - Portable Door Lock - Nestzones

The best part of having this small but extremely durable pocket lock is that installing it in any door is very easy.

It is made from chrome-plated carbon steel that guarantees its durability if someone tries to break it down.

Its unique shape that is intelligently engineered according to the thickness and shape of virtually all types of doors enables it to work as a lock for any door.

There is no effort involved when it comes to installing this one. You just need to hook the small piece of steel that comes with it to the strike of the door and just close the door.

Now just slide a steel nub present in the plastic handle into the handy hole. And that’s it! You have got yourself a highly durable and jimmy-proof instant lock.

Same goes for the removal, all you need to do to remove it is to just pull out its rod, pull off the handle and open the door. The lock will come off quickly.

Your Perfect Partner in ‘Security’

You can get your hands on this pocket lock and make it your partner in security right now. Have a look at some of its further benefits:

  • Install or remove it in a few seconds
  • Easily fit it in your pocket or purse
  • Get an additional layer of safety, security, and privacy
  • Use it at home or take it with you when you travel
  • Very handy when staying at a short term rental unit including Airbnb


1 x Portable Door Safety Latch Lock

1 x Instruction Manual 

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