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Multipurpose High-Grade Bonding Glue

Multipurpose High-Grade Bonding Glue

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Have a bond so strong that can last till forever using this multipurpose high-grade bonding glue!

This trustworthy super glue is made with an advanced formula that offers a long-lasting, unparalleled bonding in an instant. Moreover, it is capable of withstanding significant shock, heavy loads, and impact forces without loosening bonds unlike with other glues. Suitable for a variety of material, including ceramic, glass, leather, plastic, metal, rubber, wood, acrylic, toys, electronic components, shoes, nails and such. Simply apply a few drops of glue on the surface you're fixing on then press the other item on it to bond, let it air dry and done.  

The multipurpose glue has a quick curing performance that can successfully dry in 10 seconds and fully cure in only 24 hours. Providing you an easy, quick fixing to all of your simple DIYs to complex repair projects. What’s more? This super glue can provide waterproofing qualities that can prevent any water and moisture permeation once it dries. It also boasts great resistance against extreme temperatures from -30° to a maximum of 110°. Allowing it to supply an impressive, permanent bond on a plethora of surfaces even when exposed to harsh weather conditions.  

Keep your surfaces and objects permanently intact with just a drop of this multipurpose high-grade bonding glue!


  • Powerful Bonding 
    A versatile super glue that packs with advanced formulation to give off the strongest, long-lasting bond with just a few drops. Allowing it to withstand wear, powerful vibrations or impacts and heaviest of loads without loosening its bonding. Making it an ideal helper for all of your easy, quick fixes or complex repair jobs. This glue offers a no-run formula which allows it to be applied and work on surfaces of 2 different or same items without the messy drips that get all over the place.
  • Quick Cure Time
    Supplies an impressive fast-drying quality which enables it to cure in only 10 seconds and fully hardens in just 24 hours of waiting. You can now speed through your various bonding projects while still ensuring a firm, permanent hold. Simply press the glue and apply a few drops onto the surface that you wanted to adhere then stick both surfaces together. After that, you’ll just have to wait for it to air dry and you're good to go!
  • Wide Application
    Specially designed to create an instant powerful bonding on most types of material of all shapes, sizes, and weights. Suitable for ceramic, glass, leathers, plastics, metals, rubbers, woods, acrylics, toys, hardwares, home supplies, electronic components, shoes and even nails and so on. No worries as this super glue comes in a transparent liquid bonding that does not harm or discolor to the surface. Providing you a neat and clear almost-invisible bond finish.
  • Extreme Temperature Resistance
    Features waterproof formula that can prevent permeation of water and moisture once it dries. It also supplies an exceptional resistance against low and high temperatures from -30° up to 110°. It can perfectly hold out against exposure from daily harsh weather conditions or extreme temperatures without weakening its bonding performance. 
  • Premium Quality
    Made of high-quality formula with an excellent bonding and super-fast curing speed. It is completely non-toxic and odorless so you can freely make quick fixes anytime, anywhere while ensuring everyone’s safety and health. Perfect for a variety of household repair, manufactures, school fixing projects, DIY projects, carpentry, and more possibilities.   


  • Net content: 20g


  • 1 x   Multipurpose High-Grade Bonding Glue ( with a precise nozzle)
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