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MinimalX Bicycle Bell

MinimalX Bicycle Bell

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“No one wants to put a cheap looking bell on a S2,000 carbon fber road bike." lt's true, isn't it?

But what if yours look sexy & sound like an angel playing the glockenspiel?

Definitely for your sleek road or mountain bike!

Bicyclist deaths were 8 times higher for males than females, most bicyclist deaths occur in urban areas (75%), with dangers accountable to no-bell on the bike (NHTSA, 2023).

With its drool-worthy design, superb quality build and spectacular acoustics, the MinimalX Bell is your ultimate bike bell, It's one with both; a beautiful tone and a remarkable style.

Engineered for quality sound, you can control its dynamic range to choose between a polite courtesy ring to a 90dB-headphones-penetrating ding!

MinimalX Bell will ring 3x longer than others!

This bell will be exceedingly effective in any environment AND will look sexy on your bike!

Order yours now with 49% OFF! (Only for the first 250 orders! Price will revert back to original after that)


  • Premium inox Steel Alloy Material
  • Distinctive Tone (90dB+)
  • Adaptable Mounting System(22.2mm-31.8mm)
  • 30mm x 20.5mm in Dimension
  • 45g in Weight

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