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Magnetic Tie-Free Shoelace Buckle

Magnetic Tie-Free Shoelace Buckle

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Free yourself from the constant lace tying using these no-tie shoelace magnetic buckles!

These shoelace buckles feature a powerful magnetic closure that securely bonds the lace together without the hassle of tying. Allowing you to easily and quickly slip your shoes on or off even with one hand. Ideal for kids, adults, elderlies, triathletes, athletes, arthritic, handicapped, with hand tremors and to those who are always on time crunch. No worries as the handy buckles do not come undone even when you walk, run, jump, dance or make extra movements. Saving you from tripping, falling, or from getting your shoestrings dirty by accidentally stepping on it.   
The buckle lace tips work perfectly to most shoelaces types, including the elastic ones, flat cottons and standard laces. Simply cut off the excess end of your shoestrings, insert the buckles, lock it to secure and bond the pair together to fix the lace and done. Made with quality materials that can withstand years of continuous use without weakening its magnetism, breaking, or rusting
Turn any lace-up shoes into a tieless one with these no-tie shoelace magnetic buckles!


  • Sturdy Buckled Closure
    An innovative pair of easy snap-on buckles that can grip tightly to any elastic shoelaces or any standard laces. Allowing you to quickly slip your shoes on and off without the hassle of constantly tying them up. Perfect for kids, adults, elderlies, triathletes, arthritic, handicapped, with hand tremors and to those who are always on time crunch.
  • Powerful Magnetism
    The lazy buckle shoelace tips offer a strong magnetic lock that securely bonds the lace together in place. Keeping them from loosening or coming undone even when you walk, run, jump, dance and such. It helps you to prevent tripping off and falling hard to the ground that might pose severe bruises. Ideal for biking, hiking, skateboarding, running, dancing, sports, exercising, traveling and other outdoor activities.     
  • Easy Installation
    No need to tie your laces every time you put your shoes on and bend down in the walkway just to knot it again when it gets untied. Simply put on the shoestrings to your footwear, cut off the 2 excess ends, insert the buckles and clasp it on to secure. Once done, close the buckles to fix the laces together and you're good to go.
  • Wide Application
    Let these magnetic lace tips turn any pair of lace-up shoes into slip-ons. It is applicable to any shoe laces and is suitable for different brands and types of footwear. Great for sneakers, rubber shoes, sport shoes, low-top shoes, high-top shoes, bulky shoes, casual shoes and more possibilities. No worries as this pair of lace buckles comes in a variety of sleek colors that can seamlessly blend and complement your shoes. Available in black, silver, gold, white, pink, light green, sky blue and so on. 
  • Premium Material
    Made of high-quality sturdy material with magnetic closure and fixed teeth snapping design. The pair have an extreme durability that can withstand years of continuous use without breaking, rusting or any visible wear. Additionally, the buckles also work perfectly into any temperatures without weakening its magnetism.   
  • Material: Metal
  • Size:  10 x 26 mm
  • 1 x Magnetic Tie-Free Shoelace Buckle
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