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Leather Lace Maker

Leather Lace Maker

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This handy tool can economically cut your own lace, braids, or strings. It cut 1/8" to 3/16" strips from leather straps up to 2mm in thickness easily. Ideal for crisp, controlled cuts on a wide variety of materials. The cutter is sharp, safe, and makes clean cuts through multiple layers.

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The leather slot contains various blade widths and able to cut out your desired length of the leather cord. Comes with two sturdy rings that help tighten the blades securely for enhanced safety usage. Made of shaper steel which is easy to use and gives you a smooth cutting experience.

Now you can cut your own laces, braids, or shoe strings with this lightweight Leather Lace Maker!

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  • DURABLE IN USE: It is a handy tool to economically cut your own lace, braids, or strings.

  • EASY TO USE: It can effetely turn scraps into lace. Allows you to cut very long strips with very small bits of leather, even for patchwork by cutting in the round. With a very small piece of material, you'll get an endless lace.

  • WIDELY USED: Professional tool for cutting strips of different widths to make bracelets, cords, and use for stitching in saddler purses, and etc.

  • CONVENIENT TO REPLACE: Comes with 3 replacement blades. Two sturdy rings that help tighten the blades securely for enhanced safety usage

  • HIGH-QUALITY PERFORMANCE: The blade is made of shaper steel that is easy to use, and give you a smooth cutting experience.


  1. Cutting approximately 1-1/2'' diameter hole in the center of the leather piece
  2. Select a proper width slot for the thickness of leather being used
  3. For easier starting of lacemaker into the cut (especially in soft, thin leather) hold leather between first two fingers, thumb and third finger. Push cutter against leather and push forward until a small bit of lace appears beyond the back of the cutter
  4. Grasp small lace projection and pull allowing the leather to rotate. Continue until leather lace or outer edge of the leather piece is reached 
  5. To remove dull cutter or place in a different groove for different width lace, push the top string up and lower spring down. Lift out the cutter and discard or change, then replace spring to the original position


  • Material: Plastic, Steel (blades, ring)
  • Length: 155mm/6.10inch
  • Shank Diameter: 16mm/0.63inch


  • Leather Lace Maker (1 piece) + Blades (3 pieces) 

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