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Drill-free Child Safety Door Lever Lock

Drill-free Child Safety Door Lever Lock

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Step up your kid’s safety and use this universal child-proof door lever lock! 

This clever lock effectively blocks off your door lever from unlatching and prevents your child from unsafe exploration. Ideal when you need to leave them to prepare food, have an online meeting, accidentally drift off or when you shortly divert your attention. It features a smart press button that’s difficult for your kid’s wandering hands and naughty pets to use. Furthermore, it offers a 180° rotation so you can slide it to unlock position anytime without obstructing the lever from opening. No worries as it does not have any sharp edges or rough surface that can harm your toddler’s hands or door levers.   

The safety lock also helps in doubling up home security and keeps any possible intruders from coming in. Suitable for different lever types and door surface, including wood, aluminium, glass, steel, PVC and so on. Simply peel-off the back adhesive over, align it to your door lever and install, press the button to slide it into lock position and done. Try it out for your bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom, balconies, laundry room, front door, backdoor or even to your cabinets, windows and such.  

Keep your little explorer from running out through dangerous areas with this universal child-proof door lever lock! 


  • Door Lever Safety Lock
    This brilliant safety lock effectively blocks off every lever from opening your doors. Making it a handy solution to deter your curious toddlers and also your smart pets from running off and getting lost. Providing you with a peace of mind even when you get busy, divert your attention or when you accidentally drift off. Moreover, this lever lock helps to double up your home security as well from any possible intruders.

  • Smart Press Button
    Comes with a hidden press-type button on both handles that allows it to be easily rotated from lock to unlock position anytime. No worries as this feature is difficult for children to figure out which also helps to avoid them from getting you locked outside. The door lock offers a 180° rotation to prevent it from obstructing the lever when you're opening. Additionally, it can work separately if you only want its top or bottom handle to move. 

  • Drill-Free Installation
    The safety lever lock doesn’t need to be assembled and it can be installed easily without any complicated tools. Simply remove the protective film cover at the back, align it to your door lever, gently paste it, fix the handles from locked position and you're good to go. It’s powerful adhesion is suitable for different types of door surface, including wood, aluminium, glass, steel, PVC and so on. Perfect for bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom, main door and backdoor.

  • Versatile Design
    Features a trendy, simplistic design that can complement various home decor or style. It works on all types of door levers such as accent types, flair, basic straight and more possibilities. You could also use it for cabinet door levers, windows, wardrobes, and other off-limit cabinets. 

  • Premium Material
    Made of high-quality sturdy ABS plastic material with a strong pre-applied adhesive. It has a completely smooth surface to prevent it from scratching your door levers or harming your kid’s hands. This lock provides a long-lasting performance and it does not easily lose its adhesion. You can remove it effortlessly without leaving any damages or sticky residues behind.



  • Material: ABS Plastic
  • Size: 12 x 7.8cm



  • 1Pcs x Drill-free Child Safety Door Lever Lock
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