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Cat Self Grooming Wall Brush

Cat Self Grooming Wall Brush

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Get rid of and collect loose hair, you don't annoy to clean the shedding hair anymore.

The product is designed according to the living habits of the cat. It plays the role of the rubbing of a cat. Combing the cat's hair can remove loose and shedding hair. It attracts the cat's eye, preventing it from scratching itself. And the brush can be easily disassembled for cleaning and installation. Install the product in the corner of the wall or the corner of the furniture so that the cat can reach its height. We are sure your cat will like this new toy because it can enjoy massaging and combing the hair. Order your Cat Self Groomer Corner Brush today!


This cat self-groomer brush adopts a design that is tailored for the cat and delivers comfort to the cat while massaging. It is made of a softer ABS plastic base and softer plastic bristles, ensuring gentle massage and grooming.

This corner groomer brush will help to remove and collect a cat’s loose hair, the brush part can be disassembled easily for cleaning and re-locked on the base, saving time and effort, and convenient for long-lasting use.



Our cat brush helps remove and collect loose hair of your pets, real self-groomer! It can not only give your pets a rubbing place but also gives you a cleaner and more enjoyable living environment.

Our cat corner brush comb fits all wall corners, table legs, and cabinet corners, and can be easily mounted on either a flat wall or corner surfaces with the screws (optional) or the adhesive strips included in the packaging. Includes a small pouch of catnip herb, screws, and adhesive strip, for use in the inner brush compartment as an extra incentive.

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