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Aqua Purify Eco Powder

Aqua Purify Eco Powder

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Does your aquarium easily get cloudy water? Are you tired of cleaning and cleaning? Worry no more as we introduce you the AQUA PURIFY ECO POWDER.

Effective Water Purifier - Eliminates excessive moss, algae, and other micro-organisms which turn your water cloudy, green, and unsightly.  

Remove Existing Algae - It contains natural active ingredients to clump floating particles into large clusters, which breaks down dead algae and digests leaves & grass clippings without leaving any residues.

Works for Any Algae - Controls most species of algae like filamentous (Blanketweed), string algae, hair algae, diatoms, staghorn algae, etc.

Easy to Apply - No need to manually remove dirt & algae. Simply throw it in cloudy water for an auto-purifying effect!

100% Safe - Contains non-organic, non-toxic compounds that don't cause any harm to the fish ecosystem. Safe for freshwater ponds, fish, and pond plants, as well as surrounding wildlife and pets.

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